New AGELESS for Fresh Meat Applications

AGELESS SR Type Oxygen Absorber for Case Ready Meat

The new SR Type oxygen absorbing sachet was designed for Case Ready Meat with

Low Oxygen Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Control Oxygen

  • Oxidation can lead to a decline in flavor, color and can prompt potent product odor. 
  • Oxygen in teh packaging has to be eliminated to extend the shelf life of meat.
  • The best way for case ready meat packaging is the combination of low oxygen modified atmosphere packaging and the fast elimination of residual oxygen

Low Oxygen Modivied Atmosphere Packaging

  • Individual overwrapped packages with permeable films are placed together in the gas evacuated masterbag and back flushed with a gas mixture
  • Using AGELESS SR Type oxygen absorbers will help to maintain the color of meat and extend the shelf life of diferent varieties of fresh meats.


  • Extend the shelf life of Case Ready Meat up to 4 weeks
  • Easy to control inventory and extend shipping radius
  • End users receive a protected full color product

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