Oxygen Absorbing Resin for AGELESS OMAC

 AGELESS OMAC is the next step in a line of quality oxygen absorbing products.  After many years of research following in the footsteps of AGELESS, AGELESS OMAC oxygen absorbing film was created.  Instead of having a sachet to be placed in a package, AGELESS OMAC makes the package itself the absorber.

AGELESS OMAC was originally developed to help liquid and paste based foods to remain fresh for extended periods of time after heat treating such as boiling or retort.  After a number of tests it was actually found that the products did not have to be heat treated in order to begin to absorb oxygen.  It was also found that AGELESS OMAC would work not only with liquid products as originally planned, but products with a water activity as low as 0.5 can also be effectively protected. 

AGELESS OMAC is the next step in oxygen absorber technology which can be used with moist products like baked goods all the way up to liquid based soups and sauces.

AGELESS OMAC oxygen absorbing film was originally designed for use with products that have a high water activity and would be subjected to heat treating in order to speed up the oxygen absorbing process.

After further testing and changing the sealant layer, it was found that AGELESS OMAC would also work with products that only had mid-level water activity and heat treatment such as retort was no longer necessary.  This discovery has opened up AGELESS OMAC to many new applications.