RP System®
Oxygen, Moisture and Corrosive Gas Absorber

The RP System was specially created to prevent the deterioration of industrial products and delicate cultural materials.  The RP System works to protect goods and materials during overseas transport or for very long term storage.

The RP System, also known as the Revolutionary Preservation System, absorbs oxygen, corrosive gasses and moisture (Type A) in air tight packaging to ensure the safety and protection of many different types of objects.  One of the main uses for the RP System is to eliminate oxidation and rusting of industrial and electronic products during transportation and storage. This oxygen absorbing desiccant works very well with nitrogen cabinets or can replace them all together by sealing an RP System packet in a barrier bag with your electronic components.


Another use for the RP System has been in the transportation and storage of precious cultural pieces.  Things such as metals, archaeological iron, coins and metallic ornaments can be stored without fear of oxidation or rust.  Other pieces such as historical documents, maps and books are also able to be stored safely.

The RP System features two different ways to defend against the adverse effects of oxygen.   The RP-K type is a powerful oxygen absorber which will not transfer moisture onto or into the product it is helping to protect.

The RP-A type is a two in one, oxygen absorbing desiccant which will keep industrial metals or archaeological pieces free of rust and well protected.

While oxygen absorbers are the corner stone to the RP System, high gas barrier bags are also extremely important to ensuring long lasting protection.




Gas barrier

Oxygen transmission rate

Water vapor transmission rate
at 77 ºF, 60%RH)

Aluminum foil laminated bag

Bag shape

Perfect gas barrier



PTS bag
(silica deposit bag)

Bag shape

High gas barrier



(silica deposit high gas barrier)

bag, tube,
film shape

Very High gas barrier