Easy Anaerobic Cultivation

The AnaeroPack System is an easy anaerobic cultivation method that has no need for either water or catalyst. Due to the simplicity of the AnaeroPack System there is no need for large expensive equipment or special jars to produce a suitable atmosphere for growing microorganisms. AnaeroPack does not create unneeded pressure while creating an anaerobic environment which makes it suitable for use with any type of jar. A wide range of products make preparing different types of cultivation, such as anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic, simple and cost effective.


Product name

For Jars

For Pouches and Thin-Type Jars


AnaeroPack – Anaero

AnaeroPouch - Anaero
(Pouch and Thin-Type Jar)


AnaeroPack – MicroAero

AnaeroPouch – MicroAero (Pouch)
AnaeroPouch – MicroAero (Thin-Type Jar)


AnaeroPack – CO2

AnaeroPouch – CO2
(Pouch and Thin-Type Jar)

Medium Preservation


AnaeroPouch – Keep